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Tablet Devices, Laptops, and Smartphones

Are you a professional who uses your tablet on the go? Do you work on your laptop frequently at the local coffee shop? Are you uncomfortable with people behind you while you are typing in sensitive information such as usernames and passwords?

With the advent of tablet devices and a plethora of smartphones on the market, technological mobility has never been so prominent. Research firms are expecting tablet devices (iPad1, iPad2, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy, etc.) sold in 2011 to exceed 30 million, which is at or near the #3 electonic device marketplace ranking. With tens of millions now using tablets and smartphones, there has never been a greater need for protecting the information we display on our screens.

Prestige ViewBlock® Privacy Filters is our latest in our product portfolio designed to tackle this security threat. Our filtration system utilizes our thin film technology with advanced micro shades embedded into the product that blocks out light based on angle of view. Prestige ViewBlock® comes in two systems.


Our maximum protective capability from ViewBlock® is the 4Trak™ System. It is designed for not only side to side privacy, but also from birds' eye and lower angle views. Conventional filters will eliminate view from leveled sides. The 4Trak™ System will give you privacy from all directions. Whether you are sitting on a 2nd story balcony or a lower level lobby, your information on the screen remains inaccessible to prying eyes. The information on your electronic device will only be visible to you.


Prestige ViewBlock® 2Trak™ is our secondary system that provides privacy on your electronic device from the side to side view. Ideal use is for working in a public area where others will be sitting next to you. Examples of this application would be in libraries, coffee shops and cafes, airports, etc.



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