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ClearVueRC Series

ClearVueRC is our line of steam and fog repelling film for home and commercial use. Its application is designed for windows, glass, and mirrors that are subject to moisture and variance in temperatures that create surface fogging. Steam at the molecular level is tiny crystal droplets of water that attaches itself to surfaces and the difference in temperature allows for the moisture to form into fog. Our nano-hydrophilic coated film, ClearVueRC, creates a clear barrier from this effect and neutralizes the effect of steam, mist, or fog without altering the visibility of mirrors. Utilizing the same technologies integrated into our windshield protection film, we transferred the same design into ClearVueRC. The superior clarity of our acrylic adhesives results in an ultra clear product that can be installed onto glass, windows, and mirrors without affecting visibility.

Bathroom mirrors
Glass shower stalls
Bathroom windows
Dance Studio mirrors
Spa windows / mirrors
Commercial building windows



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