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Satin Guard™ (satin paint protection film) is a clear non-glossy protective film that is enhanced with our Dual Tonal Technology (DTT). Satin Guard™ DTT allows the film to exhibit satin metallic flakes based on lighting conditions. This protective film retains the color of the paint by only altering the gloss factor while protecting the underlying paint like conventional paint protection film (also known as "clear bra").

Satin Guard's core substrates are designed with elasticity and installation ease in mind to assist with conformability to tight curvatures. This allows the experienced installer to apply this product with fewer seams and maximizing protective coverage. The adhesive system is also designed to eliminate most adhesive distortions such as stretch marks. The polymeric design of Satin Guard also makes maintaining the film with much ease over vinyl and clear paint protection film. It does not require waxes or sealants, just regular washes.

Satin Guard's adhesive, like our paint protection films, G1 and ClearGuardX, are designed to do no damage to OEM paint if the film is removed. Our products also allow UV rays to penetrate, minimizing any risk of two-tone fading from heavy UV exposure.

How does Satin Guard differ from vinyl? Satin Guard™ is 300% thicker than matte vinyl products, which properly protects the underlying paint from road debris. The oleophobic design to Satin Guard™ was developed to minimize fingerprints and oily substances, which makes this product easier to clean.

*Inquire with your dealer regarding Prestige Satin Guard Protective Film!



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