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CarboniteHD is our latest in automotive design film created with a carbon fiber finish. Our design division formed the vinyl to closely replicate actual carbon fiber with specific distinctions in the weaves. As a product that is often placed in exterior and interior components of vehicles, we incorporated scratch resistance as a feature of the product. Conventional vinyl with standard adhesives is known to be problematic for installers as air bubbles are easily trapped. Our AirTrak adhesive design allows for systematic airflow, which prevents air pockets from forming.

The flex agent in CarboniteHD's layers and adhesive allows the use of heat in installation, which is especially beneficial in use on contoured surfaces. For compound curvatures, when heated with a conventional heat gun, the product can elongate by up to 20% to assist with installations.

CarboniteHD is both an interior and exterior product. With exterior application in mind, the composition of the product is resistant to UV rays. Unlike other films on the market, our warranty is based on product survival regardless of angle of application even when it is an exterior application. The engineering in CarboniteHD brings about a product that comes with an industry leading five year warranty for exterior applications and fifteen year warranty for interior applications.

Interior Trim Pieces
Exterior trim / chrome pieces



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