For over three decades, Prestige Film-Tec has specialized in producing a wide array of mounting tapes, UV transparent thin film, multi-layer ceramic capacitors, and a host of other specialty products. In 2004, under new ownership and partnership, a Strategic Vision was formed. Increased investments into the latest specialty coating machines and a new manufacturing plant in 2006, transformed a new company 35 years in the making.

As a company that built its fundamentals by designing innovative coating technologies into thin PET films, Prestige Film Technologies maintains its contemporary vision of producing state-of-the-art products that are instrumental in its industry. From paint protection film for automobiles to our nano-hydrophilic coated products for marine and home use, our goal is the same – "Absolute Precision" in manufacturing.

Our manufacturing processes create stable and consistent products that directly relates to a lower yield in defects. Prestige Film Tec's dedication to innovation has made us a market leader. Our focus as a company will be on continuing our dominance in the market place by helping you transform your business with cutting edge technology.

» ClearGuard Nano™
» Satin Guard™
» Spectra PhotoSync®
» Ceraluxe Quantum Ceramics®
» CarboniteHD
» Marine
» Image Capture Film® (ICF)
» ClearVue
» StoneGuard®
» CarboniteHD
» Clear Screen Protector
» Anti-fingerprint Screen Protector
» ViewBlock®

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